October 28, 2015—Night Terrors!

Happy Almost-Halloween, y'all! We're still working on book four—yes, we know we're taking for-ev-er. But we have some halfway decent excuses. Erin wrote a contemporary YA novel about a teenage escape artist and her agent, Jennifer Chen Tran, will start submitting it to publishers next month. Fingers crossed!

Troy's also been busy. He and Josh Winning have released their second Night Terrors offering, an anthology of short horror stories titled 13 TALES TO GIVE YOU NIGHT TERRORS.

If you're feeling seasonal, you can buy the book here and read Erin's interview with Troy and Josh here.

January 1, 2015—Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015, Mad World peeps! We're happy to announce we made the top ten of 2014 at Wall-to-Wall Books, along with our buddy, Josh Winning, author of the Sentinel Trilogy. Check out the full list here.

In other news, we've got big plans for the new year. We're hard at work on a revised edition of Wakefield, which we hope to publish both as an ebook and in PRINT! All those still reading the old fashioned way (squiggles on pieces of dead tree) better get ready.

We're also working on our first draft of book four in the series and hope to publish it this year, assuming we can write fast enough (fingers crossed!). We don't want to give too much away, but we will tell you that book four represents a significant shift in the Mad World series, kind of like Order of the Phoenix did for Harry Potter.

As always, we'll keep you posted...

October 8, 2014—Interview With Our Bundle Buddy

In honor of our 99¢ iBooks bundle (buy it here), we've got an interview with Margaret Fieland, whose YA novel, Relocated, is also included in the bundle. Thanks Margaret!

1. From reading the descriptions for your sci-fi books, it seems like they're set in the same world but not necessarily a series in the classic sense. If that's accurate, why the unique take?

You're right, I appear to be writing a sequence rather than a classic series. Why? In September of 2010, I decided to write a sci fi novel for NaNo (National Novel Writing Month, which is in November). I did so in order to overcome my phobia about writing science fiction -- I was and am a long-time fan -- I selected Robert A. Heinlein's Farmer in the Sky for my tenth birthday -- but had never, up til that point, written any.

Along about December, after I'd written the novel, I came across an editing workshop and signed up for it. I eventually ended up submitting the novel, Relocated, to MuseItUp Publishing, and it was published in 2011.

I never planned to write a series, but my characters refused to leave me alone. I wrote Geek Games to answer some questions for myself about what happened to Martin Samuels, one of the secondary characters from Relocated, and Broken Bonds to continue the story of two others, Major Brad Reynolds and Ardaval Namar.

2. The science fiction genre is usually seen as a boy's club. What have been your experiences as a woman writing sci-fi?

Sci fi is largely a boy's club, but there were women writing (and very successfully) in the genre even when I was growing up -- Andre Norton and CL Moore, to name a couple. Now, of course, there are lots more. Though women tend to write more fantasy than sci fi, there are still a lot of very fine women sci fi writers.

3. If you could have dinner with one author, living or dead, who would it be?

Lewis Carroll. I love the Alice books and really enjoy Carroll's poetry, When I was in college, I'd reread Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass every exam time. I would forego trips to the library, and then, suffering from book withdrawal, I'd reread Alice. I also taught myself to write backwards and wiggle my ears for the same reason. I taught one of my sons to wiggle his ears when he was in middle school. He and I thought it was a riot -- his teacher was less enchanted.

4. How did you get into writing? Was it always a passion or something that came later in life?

I had absolutely no plans to become a writer. I wrote tons of bad poetry as a teen, and continued on into my twenties and beyond. Along about 2005, I wrote a poem I wanted to keep, and this led me a couple of online communities, where I heard about the Muse Online Writers Conference. I 'met' Linda Barnett Johnson and joined her writing forums. Linda required everyone to write both poetry and fiction, so, thus prodded, I started to write fiction as well. I started out writing fiction for children, under the mistaken impression it was easier than writing for adults. I ended up getting hooked.

5. Any upcoming projects you'd like to share with us?

I just completed the fourth Aleyne novel, which takes place after Broken Bonds. I've started work on a prequel, about the first encounter of Terrans (us) with the Aleyni, and as well I'm working on a fantasy that takes place in a future ice age.

Bio: Born and raised in New York City, Margaret Fieland has been around art and music all her life. Her poems and stories have appeared in journals such as Turbulence Magazine, Front Range Review, and All Rights Reserved. She is one of the Poetic Muselings. Their poetry anthology, Lifelines, was published by Inkspotter Publishing in November, 2011. She is the author of Relocated, Geek Games, and Broken Bonds, published by MuseItUp Publishing , and of Sand in the Desert, a collection of science fiction persona poems. A chapter book is due out later this year.

Blurb for Broken Bonds: Sex with aliens? How about romance with aliens? A treason accusation? Brad Reynolds has his hands full. When Major Brad Reynolds is assigned to head the Terran Federation base on planet Aleyne, the last thing he expects to find is love, and certainly not with one of the alien Aleyni. How can he keep his lover, in the face of political maneuvering and of Ardaval's feelings for his former partners -- and theirs for him?

Buy the Book: Publisher's Website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand

Find Margaret on the web: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads

September 21, 2014—Ninety-Nine Cent Bundle from iBooks!

Wakefield will be available as part of an iBooks bundle from now until October 14th. You can buy it along with three (count 'em, three!) great MuseItUp YA books for only 99¢! Check out the Prodigies of YA bundle here.

August 24, 2014—Another Great Tunnelville Review

Paige at Electively Paige gave Tunnelville a fabulous review. Here's a snippet:

I was so excited to read this book after having read the first! Something about this series just pulls me right in, and I can't recommend it enough. It's not a type of story you read every day but it's one that I just couldn't put down.

Read the full review here. Thanks Paige!

July 11, 2014—Perfection Is Here!

Perfection, book three in the Mad World series, has officially been released. If you have a Kindle you can buy it at Amazon here, and if you have a Nook you can buy it at B&N here. And if you read regular old epub format, you can buy it at the MuseItUp Bookstore here. And right now it's only $1.99!

June 29, 2014—The First Perfection Review Is In!

Perfection won't be out until next month, but we've got our first official review. Roberta of the fabulous Offbeat YA blog gave it four stars and had this to say:

A lot happens in these 300-something pages. We are introduced to many new faces, and even meet some old ones. Most of the Wakefield escapees get unexpected character development, especially when it comes to their powers. There's so much cool magic in this book...animated origamis, a quilt that can trap memories, a painting that can advise you of your impending death (I'm not going to spoil this one...it sounds creepy, but it's also highly original and fascinating), a place that's not really there (and now we get an explanation for the moving tower in Book 2), and much more.

Read the full review here.

In other exciting news, you can preorder Perfection for only $1.99 at the MuseItUp website. And, as always, it will be available from Amazon, B&N, and all your favorite third party vendors on July 11th.

If you're a blogger who's interested in reviewing Perfection, or any of the Mad World books, please feel free to contact us at madworldseries@gmail.com. We have ARCs!

May 28, 2014—Save the Date! Perfection is coming...

Exciting news, Mad World peeps. We've got a release date for Perfection (Mad World, Book Three). Mark your calendars for July 11th! That's a Friday, so if you take the day off from work or school, you can have yourself a little Mad World three-day weekend.

To whet your appetites, we've got the official blurb for Perfection and...drum roll, please...the cover!

Following months of living on the streets of Boston, the Wakefield escapees have found a temporary shelter to recoup in after barely escaping from Arlington Station with their lives—but time is running out.

As the troubled teens grow closer and rely on each other for survival, they know the inexhaustible Dr. Lycen is on the hunt. When he shows up on their doorstep with his crimson army, they are forced into action. With limited options, some of them flee to Perfection, a turn of the century living museum that holds more than its fair share of secrets.

Those who travel to Perfection find a new home that promises safety and stability. But is a dangerous adversary pulling the strings behind the scenes?

You can expect a few website updates and a full-blown Perfection page in the next month. Get ready to get your read on.

April 27, 2014—May Day, May Day, May Day!

Troy H. Gardner's latest in the Evermore Island series debuts just in time for May. Check out the plot and buy links for Three May Days (Evermore Island, Book Three) at Troy's website.

March 24, 2014—Another Awesome Review at Wall-to-Wall Books

Wendy at Wall-to-Wall Books was kind enough to review Tunnelville for us. She had some pretty fantastic things to say about it. Here's a snippet:

Great storyline, great character development, great descriptions, and lots of great quirky lines. One of the things I loved most about this series is the authors got the teenagers spot on.

Read the full review here. We love all those stars and plusses. Thanks Wendy!

March 16, 2014—Review and Blog Tour Wrap Up

We end our blog tour on a high note with an awesome review from Paige at Electively Paige. Here are the highlights:

The book begins and gives us a nice, solid backstory that really sets the tone for the whole book, and then along the way you meet the most interesting cast of characters I've ever read about. I feel like it takes a lot to give characters distinct personalities, and to do that with this group must of been even more of a challenge but the authors did it perfectly. I felt, at times, like I was genuinely part of the story and the little twists and turns kept me on edge from start to finish. I've read other reviews and some seem to think that at times Wakefield can go a little slow, but for me the pacing was perfect--it added a nice suspenseful tone that had me anxiously turning pages to get to that wonderfully written conclusion (and looking forward to getting my hands on book two!).

Paige, you rock. Read the full review here.

We've also got a blog tour wrap up at Reading Addiction Blog Tours. You can check it out here. Many thanks to RABT for a great tour!

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