Tunnelville (Mad World, Book Two)

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ "I loved the battle scenes! They were hectic and visually stunning (in my head)" – Goodreads reviewer

Following their panicked escape from Wakefield, Astrid Chalke, Max Fisher, and their friends find themselves adrift and on the run in western Massachusetts. After picking up a young thief with a complex philosophy, and dealing with the pains of prescription drug withdrawal, they make their way to Boston.

Drained by a long trek to the city, the damaged teens settle in an underground tunnel community—a city below the city that appears to lie on the fringes of both the world above and the world of magic. Among the eccentric tunnel folk, they encounter the fabulous Angie DeVille, a self-made hipster and socialite who takes them under her neon wing and envelops them in her breathless and fast paced life.

Funded by a seemingly ruthless organization, the relentless Dr. Lycen is tasked with hunting down the Wakefield escapees. But as Astrid and Max eke out a meager existence in their new home and do their best to stay off Dr. Lycen's radar, they learn that new and even more harrowing threats might be lurking just over the horizon.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Loved the way it ended and can't wait for the next one in this series!" – Goodreads reviewer

The second book in the Mad World series takes place along the rural byways of western Massachusetts and the streets of Boston, a city bustling with diversity, youthful energy, and rich history. In Boston, Team Orphan and friends hide among the homeless population, and their days become a blur of soup kitchens, subways, and abandoned buildings and tunnels.

Imagine living without the everyday comforts you take for granted. You wake up achy, dirty, and cold, and you're not sure when and where you'll get your next meal. To seek shelter from the city, you could rely on homeless shelters, or you could become a squatter. If you're lucky, you'll stumble upon an enclave of people you can trust.

While some of the citizens of Tunnelville find themselves down on their luck, others are homeless by choice. Disenchanted by the world above, they've built their own world below ground with ingenuity, hard knocks values, and a little stolen electricity.

The streets might be daunting, but a city of possibilities can be thrilling for a group of teens with no responsibilities. Subway trains are always ready to take them anywhere, and something is always happening somewhere. Can Boston's many distractions help Team Orphan forget about the past, or will it catch up with them when they least expect it?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "I just love Max!!" – Goodreads reviewer

Get to know some of the colorful characters who populate the Mad World universe.

Astrid Chalke. Shaken but not shattered by the events she witnessed at Wakefield, Astrid must set aside an avalanche of self-absorbed worries and focus on the day-to-day realities of life on the run if she wants to keep herself and her friends safe. As if her new life couldn't get any more complex, she finds herself falling for a prep school dropout who questions what he refers to as her "black and white morality."

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Max Fisher. Still unable to process the loss of his parents, or many emotions at all, Max begins to rely on his eclectic friends as a new form of family. He reluctantly accepts a leadership role while he struggles to decipher his strange dreams and understand the powers he possesses. Can he look past the face value of the world and see a deeper meaning, or is he destined to fail his new family?

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Terrence "Teddy" Theodore. Born into a wealthy family, this manic magician is used to the good life. Roughing it on the streets throws him for a loop, but he relishes the opportunity to run wild and live free of responsibilities. If you ask him what day it is, he'll flash you a gleeful and disarming grin and answer, "Saturday. For us, it's always Saturday."

Simon Clevel. Simon learned to fend for himself growing up with an absentee mother. This tough guy uses those skills to aid his new friends after escaping from Wakefield. Angry at life for giving him the short end of the stick, Simon must adapt to his new circumstances and rely on the very people he used to bully.

Laura Spiegelman. Laura's experiences at Wakefield forced her to confront her own strange abilities. In addition to coping with an eating disorder and a past riddled with abuse, she'll have to decide whether to hide from her power or use it to help herself and her friends. Will she gain strength from her budding relationship with Simon, or wither under the stress of being homeless?

Jonathan "Azrael" Applegarth. After coming face to face with a paranormal reality at Wakefield, Azrael is distraught to learn he doesn't have any special abilities...yet. The eager-to-please vampire wannabe is a loyal friend, but all too often the butt of a string of jokes. Will he let others walk over him, or can he step up and prove his worth?

Benjamin "Ben" Benson. During the years Ben lived at Wakefield, he was heavily medicated to treat his schizophrenia. After running away, he must find a way to overcome not only his withdrawal, but his own mind. Can Ben cope, or will his harsh new life prove too much?

Lawrence Henning. With his resourcefulness, dry sense of humor, and sharp wit, this fellow runaway resident of Wakefield quickly befriends Team Orphan. It's clear from the get go that Lawrence knows more than he's letting on. Can he learn to trust his new friends and let them in?

Colby Sturgill. A Canadian thief with Robin Hood delusions, Colby crosses paths with the teens soon after they escape from Wakefield. The aimless, fun-loving, egotistical cross-border criminal offers to help them, but the question remains, is Colby trustworthy, or just another liability?

Angie DeVille. Affecting a possibly fake posh British accent, the fabulous Angie takes the runaways under her wing. Angie is not only the life of the party, but she brings her spark with her wherever she goes, even a homeless shelter and soup kitchen. Is this wild card the mentor the teens need, or just another needy mouth to feed?

Eugene Kelvingrove. A private detective who spends most of his days catching cheating husbands and perpetrators of insurance fraud, Eugene is a straight-laced man with old ties to Astrid's aunt. After he learns that Astrid has fled Wakefield, can he see through the lies of the Wakefield staff to track Astrid down before it's too late?

Dr. Lycen. Following the mass escape from Wakefield, Dr. Lycen takes a sabbatical to track down the runaway teens. Funded by an unknown organization, the ruthless and calculating psychiatrist will stop at nothing to find his missing charges and bring them back to Wakefield, or some place much, much worse.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ "...man these books know how to grab you! The climax to the story was really exciting and left so much potential for future books. I love the urban fantasy vibe and can't wait to discover more of the world, and the characters kept me entertained throughout. A really enjoyable read!" – TotalTeenFiction